The Characteristics Of 1:3 Scale Diecast Kids Semi Truck Toy

When it comes to semi truck, what will you remind of? Do you show great interest in semi truck? If you are curious about it and want to know more, please follow me and let me introduce this 1:3 scale diecast kids semi truck toy to you from the following points.

First of all, manufacturing materials. The head of this 1:3 scale diecast kids semi truck toy is made from excellent zinc alloy, and its tires are made from high-grade rubber, and its chassis, carriage as well as other parts are made from high intensity plastics, all of which are safe and nontoxic, so you can be at ease to choose and purchase it for your children playing.

Secondly, multiple choice. Three different colors with the same design are available to meet the needs of different customers, blue, red or green, which one do you like best? Choose any color you like most among them please.

Thirdly, interesting functions. Its head and carriage can be separated, and the holder is used for supporting its overall body, and children can easily get playing pleasure due to its powerful pull-back function, just follow simple steps to play, pull toy body back on the floor, then loosen hands, it goes forward automatically and smoothly for some distances. In the meantime, children can also hear working sound and see twinkling light from its headlights, and two doors of its head as well as two doors of its carriage can be opened, so lifelike and vivid.

Last but not least, great diecast kids semi truck toy that has a size of 25cm length 4cm width, 6.5cm height can not only be used for children playing, but also it can be as fans collection, display and good gift to be sent to other people, do you like it?

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