The Highlights Of Luxury Electric Toy London Bus

As for this luxury electric toy London bus, it has a quite cheap price when being sold in the toys markets, which you can completely afford, and it has a scale of 1:43, and it belongs to city bus series. Besides, the weight of it is 0.55kg, and it has a size of 32.5cm length, 6cm width, 9.5cm height, and it is packaged by using a gift box, and it has a packaging size of 37cm length, 8.5cm width, 12.2cm height, as well as it is made from environmentally friendly plastics and high-grade rubber. Today i especially would like to inform you of its highlights as follows.

First of all, high simulation performance. This luxury electric toy London bus is shrunken and accurately made through several strict and complicated manufacturing processes according to the original proportion of real bus, and its lifelike driving cab, seats, roof, bottom wheels and so on are perfect details.

Secondly, playing methods. After being installed with three No.5 batteries, this luxury electric toy London bus will go forward smoothly on the floor, and it will automatically elude when encountering with stumbling block. In addition to the above points, its voice announcement function is available, and children can hear real voice from people when toy is running, just the same as that of real bus, so authentic and lively. In the meantime, children can also see flashing lights from its two headlights and inside colored lights. Therefore, you can image what a splendid scene!

Thirdly, significant effects. This luxury electric toy London bus gives children a colorful world so that children’s cognitive competence can be well improved and children can know more about various colors as well as have a happy childhood.

Are you tempted after viewing all above information? Please do not miss the chance and make your wise choice to own it.

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