Some Famous Tourist Attractions Worthy Of Your Travelling In Norway

As we all know, Norway is an European country which is located in the northern Europe, and it also lies in the western areas of the Scandinavian Peninsula, and the east of it is Sweden, and the west of it is Atlantic, and the sea coast of Norway is very curved and meandering, which composes local special fjord views and landscapes of Norway. Besides, Norway is also bound by Finland and Russia, and the total territory of Norway also contain the Svalbard Group Islands and Jan Mayen Islands, and the capital of Norway is the Oslo, and the nation name of this country—Norway means that the way passing through the northern areas. Thus, let’s learn some famous tourist attractions worthy of your travelling in Norway as follows.

The first tourist attraction in Norway is the Sogne Fjord, which is nearby the Bergen city, the second largest city in Norway, and the total length of Sogne Fjord is more than 204 kilometers, and the depth of it is more than 1300m, which is the longest and deepest fjord in the world. Furthermore, Sogne Fjord contains the Aurlands Fjord and the Maroy Fjord, and the former is faced with beautiful Fulham Valley and the steepest alpine railway extension in the world——Fulham Railway, and the latter is Fjord which owns the narrowest waterway in the whole Europe.

The second tourist attraction in Norway is the Vigeland Sculpture Park. Moreover, this famous and well-known park is located in the centre city of the capital of this country—Oslo. Also, this beautiful park covers an area of 80 Hectares, and the total length of it is 850 meters, and there are also plenty of sculptures and reliefs and stone carvings as well as bronzes in this beautiful park. Among them, the total number of these sculptures is 212 units, and the number of these reliefs is 650 units.

The third tourist attraction in Norway is the Royal Palace. In addition, the Palace is the official working place of King Harald, and there was an official officer and lawyer called Von Lindes who was appointed as the chief architect in 1823, and in 1825, he also held the groundbreaking ceremony for Royal Palace of Norway. However, due to too much adjustment and modification in the plan aspect, this grand project was not fulfilled and well established until 1848.

In conclusion, we really hope that all the important information mentioned above can be useful and helpful to all of you.

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