The Brief Introduction Of Chinese Knot

As we all know, Chinese knot is a kind of special and beautiful handmade handicraft of China, and the style and taste as well as the wisdom which are shown from its body are also exactly one side face of Chinese ancient civilization. Besides, Chinese knot is originally the old custom and object which was used to be tied the knots by people in Chinese ancient times in order to remember something significant and grand. As time went by, Chinese knot also appeared in the memorial ceremonies in Han dynasty and then it was also promoted and developed into the adornment craftsmanship at present.

Furthermore, the portable wearing jades of people in ancient Zhou dynasty were all decorated with Chinese knot, and the patterns of Chinese knot also existed on the surface of copper vessels in Warring States Period, and Chinese knot has already become the most famous and popular folk art with real and actual meaning in the Qing dynasty.

Moreover, Chinese knot is usually used to decorate the rooms and houses or is used to be sent to close friends as well as is used to be as portable decoration in modern times. Also, the reason why it is called Chinese knot is that the outer appearance of it is usually very exquisite and symmetrical, which can represent the profound and long-lasting history of China and is also seriously and strictly in accordance with traditional decoration customs and aesthetic ideas of Chinese people.

In addition, the knitting methods of Chinese knot are very various and different from on another. Also, here are some common knitting methods of Chinese knot, such as the double copper cash knot, the button knot, the Pipa knot, the Mission Kam knot, the cross knot, the auspicious knot, million knot, disk long knot, the algae knot, the double junction knot and the butterfly knot as well as the node knot, etc. And Chinese knot represents the union and happiness and safety, especially in the folk areas, the exquisite and fine workmanship and handicraft of Chinese knot are deeply loved and preferred by lots of people in China.

In a word, we really hope that all the important information mentioned above can be useful and helpful to all of you.

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