The Various Species And Types Of Pet Cats In The World

As we all know, the pet cat is a kind of excellent and perfect animal, and the nature gives all kinds of perfect features to it, and these pet cats are usually very beautiful and lovely and cute, and they are usually very hard-working when they are carefully devoted to their important matters. Besides, these pet cats can live alone and they are very independent and they will not rely on their masters, and they contribute much more to their masters and charge so less from their masters. Thus, they are really one of the most docile and perfect animals in the world. So, let’s learn something important about the various species and types of pet cats in the world as follows.

The first type of pet cats is the Abyssinian cat. Furthermore, the Abyssinian cats are also called the Ethiopian cats, and sometimes they are also called the Ballet cats due to their beautiful and elegant foot steps, and the fur colors of them are very similar to the wild rabbits, so the British also call them the rabbit cats or the globe cats. Also, the history of this kind of cat is very long, and the Abyssinia, namely, the Ethiopia is the hometown of them, and they were usually regarded as the direct descendant of ancient Egyptian god cats, and their whole outer shapes and fur colors and straight ears are all very similar to the Africa bobcats, so someone also thinks that their ancestor is the Africa bobcats.

The second type of pet cats is the Egyptian cats, which are also called the Egyptian god cats, and the hometown of them is the Egypt. Moreover, maybe they are the earliest cats which occurred in the world and a kind of cat image with the spots existed on the murals of ancient Egyptian temples standing on both sides of the Nile river before the BC1400. In the ancient Egypt, these cats were the incarnation of the god, and people always worshipped the cats very much at that time, and when they were dead, people usually buried them carefully. And the Egyptian cats were firstly shown on the royal cat show in London, England in 1957. After 15 years, the Egyptian cats were accepted and acknowledged by the cat association.

The third type of pet cats is the Persian cats. In addition, there are all kinds of different legends regarding the origin of the Persian cats, and one is that the Persian cats originated from Persia and Iran, the European merchants came to the Persia to purchase or sell the jewelry or the peals or the jades or the spices at the old times, and they discovered the magic cats with long furs through an occasional chance, so they called this kind of cat the Persian cat. Also, another is that the Persian cats were born from the hybridization of native cats with long furs in Afghan and the Angola cats in Armenia regions. And the Persian cats are usually very gentle and elegant and very clever, and the sound of them is very soft and beautiful, and they have the round face, the flat nose, the short and strong legs, the small ears, the big eyes and the short and round tails, and the long furs of them feel very soft and comfortable, and they are also the nobles among all the cats.

In addition, we really hope that all the important information mentioned above can be useful and helpful to all of you.

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