U.S School Bus’s Safety Factor is More Higher than Other Vehicles

When mentioning the U.S yellow school bus, you should not ignore its high safety factor. There is a story about U.S school bus.

on July 31, 2007, a bridge suddenly collapsed in Minnesota. At that time, it is the peak period of traffic so that more than 60 cars fell into the water. As a result, too many people were killed during this accident and most of them also got injury seriously. Among all these automotive vehicles, one school bus also fell into water, but fortunately only a few children was injured slightly and almost everyone in the school bus is safe and sound. Do you know why this happened?

In addition to the high quality of U.S school bus, the usual day-to-day maintenance and management are extremely important. Some repairing workshop are specially responsible for the repairing of school bus and maintenance. Since the school bus regulation is appeared, safety issues are put on the first location. According to the statistics, school bus’s safety factor is more higher than other vehicles which are used to transport students to go to school.

Article Source:U.S School Bus’s Safety Factor is More Higher than Other Vehicles

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