Why London Double Decker Bus Is So Famous

As you know, the red London double-decker bus is considered as the Kind of Road. However, do you know more information about its history. In 1956, the Kind of Road appeared in the London streets for the first time, a few years later, too many Tramways which had been used in London for many years as the main vehicle had been replaced by this red London double-decker bus. On the other hands, this change followed the evolution tendency of public transport system. When you looking at the new style London double-decker bus, you would find that the designer has taken the traditional chassis, put the engine in front and the driving cab is at the right of engine. In addition, the underlying carriage opens completely and the bus body is curved.

At that time, famous Photo Business News in London commented that this Kind of Road would become the main bus in the future. Compared with the traditional Tramways, the Kind of Road carries eight more passengers because of the lightweight stature and revolutionary design.

When you hear the Kind of Road, you will find it is so aggressive. However, at that time, it was the symbol of fashion. Do you know why many London double-decker buses is red? Up to now, there are still more statements and can¡¯t reach an agreement. In the 1950s, the Industrial Revolution developed so fast in London, therefore lots of typical London building including Big Ben, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Church were smoked into black because both families and factories began to used coal as the main raw material. What’s more, due to the local climate, lack of wind, there was always fog, called London fog, in this city which was odorous. Under such circumstances, red London double-decker bus became the Life Show in London at that time and was intertwined with the history of the United Kingdom together.

Gradually, Londoners make musical theatres, films, TV plays and even too many classical jokes with the Kind of Road as the main material. In the past 50 years, red London double-decker bus, together with Big Ben, becomes the symbol of London city and constantly appear in postcards, books, movies and cheap souvenirs. For London, red London double-decker bus is not simple vehicle, it is a tradition, a culture and even an unforgettable memory because it is the last bus designed by Londoners themselves and it also the last bus on which there are bus drivers and conductors.

Copyright by Tony Steve.

Artice Source: http://www.articlerich.com/Article/Why-London-Double-Decker-Bus-Is-So-Famous/2001020

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