New London Bus Appear on Street to Greet the Olympic Games

Nowadays, the atmosphere of the London Olympics becomes more and more intense, and recently in order to greet the Olympic Games, too many new London bus with multiple styles appear on the streets so that it becomes a beautiful landscape. This new London double-decker bus like a red cyclops and the red bus body is too shiny. Do you know that the design inspiration comes from the Routemaster bus, which once was the most popular bus on the London street.

Looking at the bus pictures showed here, you notice that the back line is too mellow and full, the window and door of the bus are asymmetric design, and even too exaggerated. At the same time, there is a transparent and bright window near the bus staircase so that passengers can view all the scenery along the way through the window. Just from the appearance, you can clearly find the innovation and environmentally friendly concept.

When travelling in London, most tourists like to jump on the red master bus to see the scenery, nowadays, you can take the new bus to replace the previous master bus. I am sure it is an unforgettable experience.

New London Bus

New London Bus

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